Lentil salad with goat cheese and walnuts p. 233


I love lentils and I have made the lentil salad from Dorie’s book many times.  I brought back a bag of puy lentils from France last summer as we do not have this kind in the stores here.  We do not have goat cheese available in our store, only in a specialty stores.  This was the only kind they had:


It was very good.  I could not find any good carrots so I did not use them and I only had yellow onion.   All the same the salad looks and tasted great.  Full of iron and good vitamins.

8 thoughts on “Lentil salad with goat cheese and walnuts p. 233

  1. Emily

    Looks good that bowl of lentil salad you made! It is hard to get puy lentils too in my location, and I am tired of making goat cheese from goat’s milk (cos I always have to throw them out as I never remember to use them!). It is still good without the cheese though!

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  2. betsy

    I think it’s the lentils that make this so good. Anything mixed with it only makes it better. I’m a firm believer in working with what you have.


  3. Chez Nana

    I could not find puy lentils either and went with just plain French green lentils. They were really good and so different from the brown mushy lentils that I have normally used. Great recipe, by the way, and one that I will use again and quite soon.

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    I didn’t get this made until Sunday but did order Le Puy French green lentils so had them on hand. I was also lucky enough to have fresh baby carrots included in my CSA box so used some of them in the salad. I served it at a luncheon on Monday and everyone thought it was delicious. Unfortunately I had no leftovers as everyone took some home to their husbands! Poor me. Yep, this is one healthy salad and since it’s easy to make, I will make it occasionally.



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