Eggplant caviar page 66

I had to talk myself into making burned eggplants I thought it would be messy and a bit dangerous but hell no.  This was a peace of cake.

It did not take long and it was delicious.

I´m back from vacation and I did not do any of the recipes for July.  I did not find andy chick pea flour, nether at home nor in France.  My mother in law makes a killer soup au pistou and she makes it always with sausage and haricot blanc, vert and rouge along with herb de provence.



4 thoughts on “Eggplant caviar page 66

  1. Chez Nana

    What a great haul to bring back. Jim and I always loved to shop the super markets in Paris or whatever part of France we were visiting at the time, and pick up all the unusual items that we could not find at home. Our favorite collectables were wine from each different region. Such fun. As for the eggplant caviar, it is another winner from David.

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    Tonight it is chilly and threatening to rain in Aspen so I would kill for some of your mother-in-law’s
    soup au pistou right now. Nice to know that globe eggplants look the same the world over. Mine are twins to yours! Glad to see you posting back with us.


  3. Emily

    I used a smaller version of your eggplant, but I thought ‘globe’ meant ’round’ which I could not find at this time! So I was on the right track! Love love your beautiful haul from France! Big Time Envy!

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