Celery root salad page 105

This was not the best looking vegetable I ever bought but one of the more delicious ones.

I have never eaten a celery root raw but what a nice surprise.  I thought I had a box of sour cream in the fridge but was mistaken so I skipped that part and my celery root was over 2 kg but it was the smallest I could find.  I loved the dressing, we like mustard and mayo at my house so it was a given.  I had the salad with fish and there was hardly any left.

I also did Potato, basil and feta tortilla.  My mother in law gave me some Piment d’espelette that she brought back from Basque country and I use when I need that spark in my cooking.  I cannot say that my tortilla was a hit.  My son said:  Mom I think you just need more practice.  His nice way to say I don’t like it.

5 thoughts on “Celery root salad page 105

  1. Mary Hirsch

    Boy your son is quite the diplomat. He’s a keeper. I finally made the celery root soup this week but won’t get to the salad until December. Man, oh, man, the poor celery root is very maligned by the CtBF’s gang. I see it as unique rather than ugly. Cannot wait to make the dressing.


  2. Emily

    You are raising a good young person! Both your dishes look delicious to me though! First time eating celery root raw too! I more than survived, found it surprisingly pleasant!


  3. Chez Nana

    Both of your dishes look wonderful. I have found that I really like the celery root, it is not something I would normally cook if not for AMFT and David’s book. Sometimes we just have to get out of our comfort zone.

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