Cheesecake, Alsace style page 31

This was a very light cheesecake.

We had it for desert and loved it.  My DH would have liked some whipped cream to go with it so maybe I will do that for the leftovers.  (It was all gone before we could try it with the whipped cream)

We went to France  in the beginning of February and I did stop at Carrefour for some raisins and vanilla beans.  I was very careful not to buy any soap as I have to finish my stash at home.  I was given one bar that I took home with me.  I bought dark rum at the duty free as I was all out.  You cannot be in a french baking club and be out of dark rum and vanilla.  I also bought one kg of buckwheat flour as it is very hard to come by.

I had a little problem with the shell but it turned out OK.

The cake did rise a bit high but then did turn to normal.

This was a light and easy to make and we all loved it.

Next time I would leave the raisins for a longer time in the rum before adding them to the batter.

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