Bay leaf pound cake, page 296

We met up with my mother-in-law in Paris last month and had a great time.  All we did was eat at great restaurants and people watch.  We came home relaxed and stuffed.  In the past we have always stayed at the 6em but now we stayed at the 2em.  We love to people watch at Rue Montorgueil.

She gave us bay leaves from her garden and wild thyme.   The bay leaves came to good use when baking this cake.

It was a straight forward easy bake.  We could not so much taste the bay leaves but it had a very subtle taste of orange.



4 thoughts on “Bay leaf pound cake, page 296

  1. Teresa

    I couldn’t taste the bay in this, either. How lovely that you used some from your mother-in-law’s garden, though! I love the look of your cake. I skimped on the glaze because I knew I’d be sharing it with people who have a sensitive sweet tooth.

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  2. Emily

    I love reading about your visits to Paris, and what you would bring home from there. Love that glaze, and crumb texture of your cake.



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