Leeks with bacon-mustard vinaigrette, page 88

This is so not photogenic. It looks so bad but it tasted so good. The store had these great small leeks and I bought 10 of them. I steamed them in a colander since I do not have a steamer and it just worked fine. We all loved it specially my DH who just kept saying how good it made him feel. Eating this healthy. The vinaigrette was easy enough and very good. So doing this again. I served this with cod. We had a vegetarian coming to dinner so I had the bacon on the side. When looking at how this turned out for other members I think I over cooked the leeks. They just look so bad.

3 thoughts on “Leeks with bacon-mustard vinaigrette, page 88

  1. betsy

    I had to use a colander too. Leeks are way too big for a normal steamer! I overcooked mine a bit too, but it still tastes great. Better over than undercooked.



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