Potato tourte page 220

My lovely vegetarian came to dinner the other night when we usually have fish so I also made the potato torte and the leeks and bacon. She loved both as did we.

The most time consuming act was drying the potatoes with a kitchen towel after cutting them with the mandolin and soaking them in water. I love the mandolin and use it more often then I thought I would. It was necessary for me to buy a protective glove after cutting my hand one time to many.

I had no problems pouring the cream in and was surprised as to how much the tourte could take. The cream did bubble up on the top and darken. The tourte did not turn out very dark after more then an hour in the oven

This is a very nice tourte to serve at lunch with a salad the puff pastry is not very good the day after so better serve the day it is made.

10 thoughts on “Potato tourte page 220


    Yes, I spent a little time drying the potatoes also but was glad to soak the starch out of them before composing the dish. I didn’t bake the tourte the full hour before pouring cream in because it looked as if it was browned and done. Anyway, after adding the cream (no problem with that), i baked it another 45 minutes. I like the look of yours.


  2. Emily

    Good to know this was enjoyed by your non meat eater!
    I did soak the potatoes as I went slicing them , but only drained them into a large sieve, and left them to drip dry. Pretty good on the day, felt it was better the next!

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  3. Tricia S

    Oh lovely color on your tourte ! I also dried the potatoes on my dish towels and with the assembly process set up, it worked out pretty efficiently. Loved this one and will be re-doing it as soon as my waist will allow more cream/butter/pastry and carbs lol !



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