Last-Of-The-Bunch Banana Bundt, page251

Well what can I say I do not like bananas. I did not try this one my self, the family said it was like banana bread. I have made banana bread before but never with so much sugar. Then you have the bananas, sweet coconut and chocolate. The butter is 113 gr and 113 gr of coconut oil. You get full on a small slice of cake.

The verdict: I will not be making this one again. Also can I ask you do you use bananas that are still yellow in color or do you wait for them to get brown before you use them in banana breads?


8 thoughts on “Last-Of-The-Bunch Banana Bundt, page251

  1. Diane Zwang

    Generally the more ripe the banana the more sweet it is but you can mash a banana no matter what color. My family did not particularly like this one either, it does taste like banana bread.


  2. Tricia

    This would definitely be a reach if you are not a banana fan. In addition to bananas being so sweet, all the other sweet ingredients really made for a decadent cake. I am still chuckling at how heavy it was when we went to move it. Unfortunately for me, I love sweets – so this was a winner lol. My understanding is that bananas that get black on the outside but are still yellow on the inside are the way to go for banana bread.

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  3. betsy

    This was not the cake for you. It was almost not the cake for me either, because I do not like coconut. However, I left those flavors out. Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

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  4. isthisakeeper

    I love bananas, but not banana bread…go figure haha! Good job for baking it! I didn’t try mine either but everyone else loved it! I usually bake with the overripe bananas.



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