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Live in Reykjavík, Iceland with my husband and 4 kids. Love cooking and baking.

Carrot cake page 277


I really liked this one.  Not all members of my family did though,  the one who does not like cinnamon loved the frosting.  It was very light and not too sweat.  I did not have  10 inc cake pans but I did have 9 inc.  The cake did rise a bit  so I had to cut a rather large section of the top.  I loved it and would make it again for a party.  It was a bit  big for the 5 of us.


Chocolate Creme Caramel, page 362

This was a big hit in our house.  First time making creme caramel and not the last.

I did the Bonne Idée on page 362 and added the chocolate.  I was having people over so I needed 8 desserts.

I was skeptical that this caramel would turn out OK.   It was hard making it even at the bottom of the ramekins.


It turned out just perfect:

Cassoulet page 195

I could not find the ingredients needed for this recipe so I did not make the cassoulet myself.

I did however buy one ready made from the new french shop in town.

I have never tried cassoulet before so I was excited to try it.



I heated the contents in a bain-marie as the sales person suggested.


Does not look were pleasant



Not so much an eye candy.

I thought it tasted good but my DH found it a bit bland.  I will try it again if I see it on a menu in France so I know how a good cassoulet is suppose to taste like.


Potatoes cooked in duck fat page 221


Happy New year Everyone!

I did cheat a little bit.  I did bake them in the oven and used much more of the duck fat than just 2 – 3 tbl spoons.  I was also making steak and wanted to concentrate on that and my Bearnaise from Julia Child’s MAOFC.

These potatoes are so delicious.  I do not know what these potatoes are called we only have yellow or red.  I used the yellow ones.