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Pithiviers page 99

I have made the King’s cake version for the 6th of January and it is always a hit.

This is easy to make and we all love it.  I have hidden an almond in the cake so the person finding the almond is the king or queen for the day.

This one is from last year and as you can see I´m getting better.



Custardy Apple Squares page 20


Looks beautiful on my new Le Creuset plate.

This came together with out a problem and did not take much time.  I have a mandolin and it makes life so much easier.


What a difference, the slices are all the same thickness and are ready in no time.

I did not have a 8 inch square baking pan so I used a 8 inch round pan.


I baked the squares for close to 50 min to make sure it was baked in the middle.

I tried it soon after it came out of the oven it was not all that great.  When my DH came home from work we had some for dessert and it was so much better at room temperature.  I was out of confectioner’s sugar much to my surprise.  We had some coffee and calvados.

We are making this one again when we need something very good.

Apricot – Rasberry Tart page 145 

I made this one in the South of France when visiting my mother in law.  We do not get those lovely fruits here so I took the recipe with me in case I got a chance to make it.  I have never before baked in this much heat before, our summer is arround 50°F now the heat was close to 90°F.  No at easy as one would think the butter would not stay cold very long.  It is always harder to work in other people’s kitchen but I did find a scale and other items I needed.

The recipe calls for stale Brioch but I used a stale quatre-quarts bought at Carrefour.  I was not sure how to arrange the apricots they did not stand upright, but I think I did ok.

We had this one with whipped cream and it looked very delicious and perfect for summer.  I got great reviews on the crust.  In France you just buy the crust specially for the quische which is no where as good as making it yourself.  If I was to do it again I would use the almond cream on page 432.  I found this to be a bit dry and not as sweet as I would have liked it.  I would have to go to France again for the apricots and raspberries so not a bad deal.

French Fridays with Dorie

I got to know Dorie through Julia Child and I got to know Julia through the movie Julie and Julia.  I have Julia Child’s book Mastering the art of French cooking and I have made some of the classics from her book.

When I discovered the website French Fridays with Dorie (  I had to have her book so I ordered Arround my French table on Amazon and boy was I happy.  I love love love her book and so does my family.  I see a recipe I like and then go to the website and get reviews and intel.  I have only made so many recipes but here are five of my favorite I do not have a picture of them all since I have not been blogging so long.  They are not in a special order and there are many more I wanted to put on the list.

1.  Bubble-top brioch page 496.  This was just like in France.  We do not get Brioch over here so I was very glad and proud when this was such a success, and that smell mmm.

2. Lamb and dried apricot page 284.  I have made this a few times.  I made also the couscous salad page 136.

3. Lentil soup orange-scented page 90.  I love every thing with lentils after this book.  I did not cook lentils before.  I brought some back from the US when I was there and again when I went to Paris this Christmas.  Here it is with Dorie’s scones.

4. Clafoutis, whole-cherry page 452.  I did this one with frozen whole cherries but unfortunately the grocery stores do not carry them any more.  At the moment we do have fresh ones so I might try that.  Keep you posted

5.  Éclairs vanilla page 473. Husband chose this one and says it is by far the best thing I have ever made from this book.  He loves everything with vanilla pastry cream.  This was very delicious.  I loved Marie-Héléne’s apple cake

So this is my list. I have still many recipes to finish and will look at FFWD as my guide.  I love to see other people’s list to help me see what I should focus on.

If you want to see how the others voted go to:

Rhubarb Upside-Down Brown Sugar Cake page 24

We have not been very lucky with the weather this season.  It has been very cold so spring has not sprung yet as you can see. So there is no rhubarb until July, therefore I didn’t do this week’s assignment.   My son turned 8 on May 18th and I had a family gathering in his honor. I did the classic fruit tart on page 151 since we import strawberries and blueberries and all sorts of other fruits. Very delicious. I also did some other cakes. Ottolenghi’s cauliflower cake.  I have done this one before and also a very good salat with baby spinach, almonds and rosted pita bread.  Fruit platter

I also had a cheese platter, pavlova and a french chocolate cake.  I did the tuna rillettes on page 28 and black olive tapenade page 487 in AMFT.  I have done the tuna rillettes before and love it.  Everyone loved this and I got a lot of compliments on my cooking and baking.

Sardine Escabeche page 188

I was not sure about this one since we do not have sardines here.  Then I read bonne idée so I replaced the sardines with shrimp.

First I sautéd the shrimps and arranged them on the gratin dish then cooked all the vegetables.

The vegetables cooking

The shrimps all nicely arranged. I uesed the oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes,

Here it is all nicely prepared with a baguette after an overnight rest in the fridge.

I was surprised at how much my folks liked this one.  They would like it even more with fat fish such as mackerel, they are not all that big on shrimp.  I promised to make this again at the end of summer when the mackerel is back in our waters.

Cheesecake tart page 469

I was rather skeptical when I saw cottage cheese.  But after a spin in the food processor with sour cream it was all perfectly smooth and I´m OK with that.
I used raisins but I would like to try cranberries next time.
  Here you can see the cottage cheese draining in coffee bags.  We do not have fromage blanc and I did not have time to make it from scratch.
I pre-baked the tart shell on 350°F I find that 400°F is way to high and and then when you bake the tart filing the brims get almost burn.  


I think I over baked the tart though, it became rather dark and not all that good looking but after a dust of confectioner’s sugar it looked just great.

We had some Armagnac with the tart and it was just perfect.

We all loved this tart it was easy to make and very delicious.  This is a keeper.

Pork roast with mangoes and lychees page 278

I´m not fan of pork and this is the second time I make pork.  First time was fresh orange pork tenderloin on page 273.  I totally over cooked that one.  So I was very careful this time arround.  I did not know wat pork loin was and neither did the meat guy at the supermarket.  He was very young and when I asked him what cut was the loin he said he was not there yet in his studies on becoming a butcher.  Not much help.  When I walked past the pork section I saw something that looked like the loins I saw on the screen when I googled so I bought 2 pounds of that and half a pound of tender loin.  I was expecting my brother over so better safe than sorry.

I found canned lychee at the Asian marked and was very pleased.  I made the recipe to the letter.  I checked the meat at the half an hour mark and it was ready then I made it rest for at least 10 min.  I cooked the tenderloin for maybe 20 min. and it rested for only 5 min.  would have been better if it would have rested a bit more but no harm done.


       I also made the riz pilaf on page 382, I have made that a few times and it is always a hit.

My DH cut the pork for me and we put it back in the Dutch oven.  You can see the loin and the tender loin. The sauce with this pork is very delicious and everyone loved it even me, I had two servings.  I also made some nan bread for the kids in case the sauce was too hot for them but there was no need.