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Croquets, p 310

I loved this. So easy to make and so delicious. My DH recognized it at once as croquets, being french and all. It looks so much like a biscotti.

What a great way to use up some egg whites after using all the egg yolks for the Caramelized-Coffee Bean Pots de Crème. I now have a few recipes that only use egg whites. Financier, visitandine and meringue come to mind.

This was so good with a strong cup of coffee.

Petite Apple Croustades, page 253

This was so good. I did not measure the filo dough I just eye balled it. It broke so easily but it did not matter. I made 9 little croustades and put some yellow beans in the empty muffin molds. I did put some extra butter before baking because I though the filo looked a bit dry. I served it with some Chantilly. My family loved it. This was easy to make and very forgiving.

Cream Cheese and Toast Tartlets, page 176

I did not make tartalets but one solid tart. I did not make any changes to the recipes and it worked out perfect. I love the bread crumbs they look like roasted nuts and nobody could guess what it was. This was an easy to make tart that I would like to do again. I love the sweat tart dough, I use the whole egg not just the egg yolk otherwise it is too dry and it is less of a waist.

Caramel-Topped Rice Pudding Cake, page 46

What a beauty it looks like the sun. I made this cake in two runs. First I made the rice pudding and than after dinner I made the caramel and baked the cake. That is why in the first photo is of my pudding being reheated. This is a very simple and not expensive cake but it takes over two hours. I have made rice pudding before as part of our Christmas tradition but never made it into a cake before. We loved it.

Tiramisu Tart, page 178

Well I don’t know. The tart shell came out of the oven with a big crack so I tried to fix it, see the first photo. This shell is very dry and when I tried to take it out of the mold it broke.

So plan B I put the shell on a glass dish with high rims and built the tart from there. I did buy the lady fingers did not have time to bake them and also I have used this recipe for the strawberry short cake on page 338.

This tart tasted good but I´m sticking with the original. I also like the cocoa powder better than the chocolate drops I used. I´m not baking this chocolate tart shell ever again.

Double Chocolate Marble Cake, page 34

I did this cake the traditional way and we loved it. I have caked this cake a few times and it is always very good. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate I think it is because we do not get very good quality at the shops here. This one I baked for a fund raising for my son’s school band where he plays the alto sax. They are going to Croatia this summer. There was not one slice left.