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Double Chocolate Marble Cake, page 34

I did this cake the traditional way and we loved it. I have caked this cake a few times and it is always very good. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate I think it is because we do not get very good quality at the shops here. This one I baked for a fund raising for my son’s school band where he plays the alto sax. They are going to Croatia this summer. There was not one slice left.


Banana-Chocolate Chaussons, page 256

I can’t eat bananas and I don’t like the smell of them, so I did the bonne idée and made mine with apples and Nutella. I could not take another picture as my family just ate them all up. This was a very easy and quick recipe and so doing this again. My DH was very happy to see this and could name it instantly chausson aux pommes. I used two apples but one would have been enough. This is perfect for the 3 o’clock gouter. You can also use pears and chocolate.

Almond Stripes, page 296

Fresh out of the oven

This was a simple recipe and very easy to make. That being said it was not an easy task to pipe, it was way to dense. I ended up cutting a bigger hole in the piping bag and omit the piping tip.

Forgot the icing sugar on my first batch.

My DH liked at lot for me it was a bit too plain.

Gâteau Basque Fantasie, page 110


First time I make Gateau Basque and first time I make a pie with a cover.

I used apples, pears, pecans, oranges and dried cranberries for the filling and I also used the ginger.

The filling was on the stove for close to 20 min and the liquid did not evaporate, there was just more and more liquid so in the end I used a strainer.

My family would have liked some whipped cream with the gateau and I agree with them.  My DH did not like it as he does not like spices in his cakes so note to self no ginger.  The oldest complained that the cakes for this blog do not have enough frosting.  Well we are baking french style and there is not much frosting.

I took this cake to work where it was appreciated!


Classic Fruit Tart, page 151

I love this tart and I have made it many times, with strawberries or raspberries.  I have even made it with blueberries.  It is always a great success with my family and friends.

When I first started making the vanilla cream I was so stressed.  I was sure I would burn the whole thing, I only let it make a few bubbles.  The tart would be runny when served.  With time I got more confident  and would let the cream boil for a few minutes and it would keep the shape when served.

I will continue making this tart for the family’s celebrations.



This one was made for my son’s birthday party.