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Les Whoopies page 200 

I had never heard of this cookie/cake before this blog.  I was not sure if I would bake it since I do not have a whoopie pie pan and did not want to add a new mold to my stash that I might never use again (I have a few of those).

So I was happy to read that a special pie pan was not necessary.  I used my 2 tsp cookie scoop and as you can see they did spread in the oven.





I did not have any peanut butter on hand so I did the Bonne Idée on page 203 and made the salted caramel filling on page 436.

Note to self read the whole recipe before starting and don’t assume, know.  I somehow got it in my head that it was the same method as to making  the salted caramel sauce on page 447 and did the sauce method but was a bit surprised at the amount of butter and dumped all the butter in the pan.  So there was no piping it was so runny and I was impatient and did not wait for it to cool down.



So this is my version of a whoopie.  They are very delicious and I put some of them in the freezer in case I make the peanut butter filling.

Streusal-Topped Rhubarb Lime Tart p 160

I got fresh rhubarb from my friend’s house, the one in my garden is too small and I only have like one plant.  My friend came over and we had this great tart together.

I made the tart shell a few days before I assembled the tart and I put it in the freezer.  I was a bit skeptical when I read that the tart shell would be baked for close to an hour and a half.  As it turned out it was not a problem.

I also got a  visit from my sister and her family so all together we were 12 eating the tart and needless to say there was nothing left.  In my opinion this tart is too time consuming.  I liked the  Rhubarb Upside Down Brown Sugar Cake on pages 24-25 better.


Black and White Marbled Madeleines page 215

This was not hard to make but I was put off with the one hour chilling time.  I could not eye ball the amount of dough per mold so the last madeleines had more chocolate than the first ones.  Not a problem.  As can be seen for the first photo I was a bit messy.  They were just lovely, my DH prefers them with only butter and vanilla but I like the variety.


Pistachio and berry gratins, page 345

This was an easy one.  I used fresh blue berries and a few strawberries.  I´m sure you can use frozen as well since it is a gratin.

I used a 9 inch baking dish since I do not have gratin dishes for 5 people only 3.

I served this dish warm and the verdict was:  “This is like eating warm jam”.  I served it the day after cold and still the verdict was this is like jam.  I liked it, but will not be making it again.

Plain and simple almond cake, page 8

This is a very plain and simple cake.  Only 3 ingredients, eggs, sugar and almond flour.

I was surprised as how fluffy this cake was with no baking powder.  Everyone loved it at my house and I had my parents over and they also really liked it.  My cake pan is 9 inc. by 1,5 inc and it would have been better to have 9 by 2 inc.  As you can see my almond flour was not plain white which gave the cake a nice color.

Lemon Meringue Tart A New Way, page 182


I love lemons.  This is one of my all time favorite.  I remember my mom making this for us as a kid.

I cooked the filling for a few minutes to make sure it would stay firm.  I always seem to have the same problem with this kind of fillings, when it comes to room temperature it starts to become runny.  Not this time!



What a beauty.

It was a big hit and I’m so doing this one again.


With coffee and calva!

Nun’s Beignets page 240

This one was easy.  Basically deep fried cream puff dough.

I was surprised as how the little ping pong balls floated.  I would not have used all this oil had I known.  Another thing how much the little balls grew in the hot oil.  They more than doubled is size.

My DH could not have been happier.  He said it was the best thing I ever made.  I was happy that he liked it so much but thought of all the things I have made the are way more complicated and time consuming.

I covered mine in sugar and my beignets almost did not make it to room temperature.  There were no left overs.  I have been asked to please, please, please make them again.