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Chocolate Creme Caramel, page 362

This was a big hit in our house.  First time making creme caramel and not the last.

I did the Bonne Idée on page 362 and added the chocolate.  I was having people over so I needed 8 desserts.

I was skeptical that this caramel would turn out OK.   It was hard making it even at the bottom of the ramekins.


It turned out just perfect:


Soft salted-butter caramels page 405


Above the sugar is melting in the pan and below after I added the cream.


For some reason I just could not get the caramel to reach 260 degrees F or maybe I was just very impatient or the pan was too small I was stressed that it would all bubble over.

The caramel was always too soft.  I even put it outside in the frost but nothing.

There was no way I could wrap it or even cut it.  We used it as a sauce for ice-cream.

For us it was too sweat and the rest ended in the bin.

I screwed up some where in the process.

Linger cookies classic page 306

Happy boxing day to you all and happy holidays.

I made the Bonne Idée version.  I did not like all the spices Dorie suggest for the cocoa version.  I did how ever use the chocolate filling. I did not have enough raspberry jam in the house.

I have had problems before with this kind of filling so this time I was extra careful with the temperature of the chocolate it has been known to separate but everything worked out just perfect.

I forgot to just them with icing sugar and they were all gone with in 24 hours of baking.  I think they look very festive.

Dessert Roses page 391

Today is my 3 years blogging anniversary.

I´m celebrating with roses :o)


This was quick and easy to make and very delicious.  I had a PTA meeting and took the roses with me and they did not rest on the table for long.  It was the first thing to go.

I thought I bought the original Kellogg’s but was surprised when I came home as how crunchy they were.  Turns out it was Special K.  oh well.


I used the sweetened shredded coconut and dried cranberries.  Every one loved it.


This only took 15min to make and then rest for 30 min.


Double-Corn Tea Cake, page 40

This was a nice surprise.  No fuss and an easy bake.  It tasted delicious with my coffee and nicely moist.

My sons cannot eat corn any more after the chef at the school canteen puts it in everything.  Salad, soups and meat.  So when I put it in the cake they just did not want to have as much as one bite.

Martine’s Gâteau de Savoie, page 11





As you can see it rose very high and did not collapse.


What a great cake.  So easy to make and with so few ingredients and no butter and no oil!  I was surprised as how high it rose in the oven with no baking powder.  I was not expecting much but this cake tastes great.  No wonder this recipe has been around for centuries.

I did put of some raspberry jam but it was better just plane.

All my friends loved it  and it tasted great with some rosé.  I bought myself a new cake pan just for this cake and I´m making it again.

Lavender Galettes, page 312

Ready for the oven.


Sorry this one is out of focus.

I came back from my vacation with lavender from my mother in law’s garden.  I´m told that this lavender is not for cooking but it was the only one I could find.

This was a lot of fuss in preparation with all this cutting the non stick baking paper.

I forgot to put egg and sugar on my first batch and they did not taste half as good as my second batch.  All in all I´m not making this one again.  It did not taste all that great and took too long to make.  I´m told that the lavender flowers used for cooking are only available in August and they come from the Alps.  So maybe I just did not have the right ingredient?