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Crème Brûlée Tart, page 170

Loved it. We love creme brulee and we love tart so this was a win win. So doing this again.


Fruit and Nut Croquants, page 307

We do love biscotti I always make some before Christmas. We like vanilla and almonds the most. SO for this recipe I used only almonds, walnuts and some vanilla. I did not have any oranges at hand so I used zest of a lemon. My DH was not to happy saying you don’t change a winning team, meaning he does not approve of any changes to his beloved biscotti. I think there is almost always room for improvement. Also this is not a biscotti. I’m sure he will be the one who will have most of the croquant.

Martine’s Lemon and Apple Tart, page 116

This was a nice surprise. It was so fresh and not too sweet and to too tangy. I used Honey crisp apples and one jonagold. I did squeeze a lot of juice out of the apples before using. I did put on a tin foil for the brim half way through but the fan kept blowing it over. You can see where the tin foil covered the tart. This was so good.

Coco Rochers, page 282

How perfect is this. Why have I not known how easy it is to make. My mom used to buy this frozen when we had a big party. This is so much better.

I made 30 pcs and with in an hour we had like 10 left and it is only 4 of us in the house. So doing this again, plus another recipe that uses only egg whites.

I made Dorie’s cote d’azure cure-all soup from Around my french table to finish up the yolks.

Nutella-Banana Panna Cotta, page 374

This was great. It came together in like 15 min. I do not like bananas so I did not make the banana nutella I just made Nutella panna cotta version. I do not know what happened but the gelatin got all stuck at the bottom of the pot. Maybe it was too hot. Any way the panna cotta was too runny but tasted so good. So doing this again when I have limited time to make dessert. Every one loved it.

Lavender-White Chocolate Pots de Crème, page 360

This was a great success. I had some trouble finding quality white chocolate so I did bad quality white chocolate it was the only brand available at the two shops I went to. I have been looking for eatable lavender every time I go to France but it was never in season. Guess what, I found it in the french shop in Reykjavik (Hyalin, Reykjavik). This was easy to make and very good. Now I´m buying quality white chocolate when I go to France this summer, along with good bars of soap, sardines and spices.

Cannelés, page 222

I have made this a few times and we all love it. My mother in-law bought me the copper molds when we met up in Paris one time. We got them at E. Dehillerin close to Les Halles. I also got a silicon mold at Habitat when I came home it is so much easier to use nothing gets stuck. I have baked in the copper molds alongside so they got better with time. I must say that they bake better in the copper molds. Better crust. Before I knew Dorie we never used to have dark rum in the house. Now it is a standard, to make the Cannelés and Marie-Helen apple cake. We have also grown custom to drinking it after a meal.

Honey-Nut Nougat, page 398

I could not believe how easy it is to make your own nougat. This is one of my DH favourite sweets. I did not find any rice paper but it did not make any difference. This was easy to shape with no paper. You have to work fast since the dough gets hard so fast and sticky.

I ended up being the only one eating this as my DH did not like the dried fruit I put in it. He only likes it with plain nuts. Could have told myself as much. So half way in I through it out as it is not good for me to eat it all by myself. Once I started it was so hard to stop so thinking of my health it ended in the bin. I might make it again for next Christmas with only nuts.