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Multigrain bread page 241


I love making bread but it is so time consuming that I never give me time. Another reason I do not make my own bread:  I go to Brauð og Co if I´m not going to my local bakery.






I bought a salad blend and used it in the bread I did not bother with buying all the stuff David recommended.  To me this bread was too dry probably because I did not use bread flour but all purpose flour and whole flour.  This is the first time I use a starter and like in the no knead bread David uses so little of dry yeast, I really like that.


Coffee créme brûlée page 253


I have been so busy that I have fallen behind on my blog.

I did créme brûlée  as a dessert for our Easter dinner.  I did not have any coffee flavored liqueur so I used Bailey’s.  We were 8 for dinner so I added a bit more cream and milk and one extra egg yolk.  I followed David’s instructions to the letter for making créme brûlée in ramekins.  I baked the custards for close to an hour and it was still a bit too jiggly but I took it out anyways.


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Salted olive crisps page 42

img_3991We do not have any buttermilk in our stores so I made my own by adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to the whole milk and let it sit for a few minutes.  I have never tasted buttermilk but I´m told this is pretty close.  Other suggestions are plain yogurt but may be it is too firm?  Or mixing yogurt and whole milk?


Ready for the oven.


This bread knife was our wedding present from people at my work.  I gave them a few coins so not to cut the friendship. Continue reading

Caramel pork ribs page 187

IMG_3969IMG_3972IMG_3973I did not have any bourbon so I used some Calvados.  This was so good I bought 2.5kg and there was no leftovers and we were 5 people.  I had to change pots, my Le creusier was to small for the task.

This is rather time consuming but so worth it.  I put the extra sauce in a bowl to serve with the ribs yummy.  Next time I´m buying even more ribs.

Brandade de morue/ salt cod fritters with tartar sauce page 144 and 73

This is salt cod and I could use it straight from the fish monger since I was going to boil it.  It only needed 15 min in the pot so I started with the potatoes and then added the fish.

I have never liked Brandade de morue.  My mom would buy it ready made at fish monger and we would have it with rúgbrauð or rye bread and butter.

This is a very popular dish here in Scandinavia.  You would use up all your fish and potatoes left overs.  Then you would add onion and not be stingy with the pepper.

This is the very first time I make this dish by myself and what a difference.  I could not get enough.  I did not share this one with my family I took it all to work and had for lunch for a week warmed up in the microwave.  I will make this one again and maybe use white pepper for a better look.  Here you can see my plate at work with rúgbrauð and butter.

I did take a side close to 2 cups to make the salt cod fritters with tartar sauce.  I almost did not make it.  I had to talk myself into it, I was thinking that maybe I should take it to work.

So this Sunday I made the salt cod fritters with tartar sauce.  I´m so glad I did.


This was easy to make and first time I make the fritter batter and also first time for a tartar sauce.   Here you can see the them deep frying.

Fresh out of the pot.

This reminded my DH and I of tapas and was so good.  My DH was surprised to have tartar sauce with fish but it works very well together.  He is more use to this sauce with read meat and meat fondue.  So now I´m taking the rest of the fritters to work.  The plate that just keeps on giving.