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Green Beans with Snail Butter

This was so good.  I did buy frozen haricot vert and I did not have any fresh parsley so I used dried, all the same it was delicious.



Cassoulet page 195

I could not find the ingredients needed for this recipe so I did not make the cassoulet myself.

I did however buy one ready made from the new french shop in town.

I have never tried cassoulet before so I was excited to try it.



I heated the contents in a bain-marie as the sales person suggested.


Does not look were pleasant



Not so much an eye candy.

I thought it tasted good but my DH found it a bit bland.  I will try it again if I see it on a menu in France so I know how a good cassoulet is suppose to taste like.


Eggplant caviar page 66

I had to talk myself into making burned eggplants I thought it would be messy and a bit dangerous but hell no.  This was a peace of cake.

It did not take long and it was delicious.

I´m back from vacation and I did not do any of the recipes for July.  I did not find andy chick pea flour, nether at home nor in France.  My mother in law makes a killer soup au pistou and she makes it always with sausage and haricot blanc, vert and rouge along with herb de provence.


France 2017

I´m a soccer for soap

Here are a few things I brought back from my vacation.  Lavender, bay leaves and fennel from my mother-in-law’s garden.  I also brought back some great thymine that grows wild close to her home.   I love sardines as I have said before and brought 1,5 kg back with me.  My DH claims that I brought back 20 kg of soap and sardines but that is not true..  We (not just me) also bought 800 gr of anchovies.  Yes we bought a new suitcase.

I also bought some spices from the market.



Frisée salad with bacon, egg, and garlic toasts page 99



Not the best picture I know.

I was in a hurry so I did not make the croutons and the eggs were hard boiled.  I had this salad as a starter for dinner and then I had the galettes from Davids book but with whole flour instead of buckwheat (p. 135).  It was a very French style dinner.  I took the rest of the salad to work and had for lunch.  It was very tasty and good.




Sunday In Paris Chocolate Cake page 72

I have tried numerous times to make this cake and bought all the ingredients and when it came time to bake somebody in my household had eaten all the salted peanuts.  We are talking three attempts.  I also bought instant coffee and when I made the cake there was no mentioning of instant coffee.  I do not know where that came from, maybe the paged turned and I was reading the wrong recipe, good thing it did not happen when I made the cake.

I did not have any heavy cream for the frosting so I used butter instead and it was just fine.

I found this cake a bit dry so I had it with vanilla ice cream.  Very good cake with ice cream and coffee.


Some years ago we met up with my mother in law in Paris and had dinner at this restaurant Le Procope.  This restaurant is just across the pastry shop Un Dimanche á Paris.  It looked very modern.

We celebrated cream puff day by making a lot of cream puffs.  We had with chocolate and raspberry jam.  Not all of us wanted with chocolate and we had whipped cream with vanilla extract and powder sugar, which was a big hit.  I have always just used plane cream.

My DH asked for some Nun’s Beignets and that was not a problem I made 8 beignets for him and him alone.  No one could get near them as he snapped them all up.  At the end of the day my DH had close to 20 puffs all together.  You can see under his feet there in the corner, he is resting.