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Fall-Market Galette, page 129

So I could not find any figs and no Italian plums. I did find some very nice dark grapes and plums. The plums were a bit too sour. This was an easy bake and a galette is always a success. I served the galette with chantilly, always good. You can use what ever fruit is in season so this is very versatile.

Chicken with mustard, page 169.

Well here we are, our last recipe from MPK. I have made close to 75% of the books recipes. There are a few I have made more than once like spiced meatballs with Srirach sauce on page 74 and Salt cod fritters with tartar sauce, specially the tartar sauce. I have marked a few to make again.

This one was not a success. I did not brown the meat well enough so the chicken did not look very yummy. Also I might have poured a bit too much of the white wine. So there was too much liquid. I think I have to make this one again with more attention to details.

I made the Baked Provencal vegetables on page 226 to go with it and it was a bigger success. Make it again.

Thank you all for the last 3+ years cooking and baking together. I´m glad that this is not a goodbye as we are cooking through Dorie’s book.

Chocolate-Coconut Tart, page 168

My son made me this rolling pin at school.  I love it!

This was a straight forward tart.   I love that it is not too sweat it is just perfect.  It reminded everyone of a Bounty bar only better.  I got good comments on how smooth the chocolate was just like store bought.  I made all the components the same day I served the cake and Dorie is right.  The tart shell is best the day it is made.  Always trust Dorie.

Gâteau Basque Fantasie, page 110


First time I make Gateau Basque and first time I make a pie with a cover.

I used apples, pears, pecans, oranges and dried cranberries for the filling and I also used the ginger.

The filling was on the stove for close to 20 min and the liquid did not evaporate, there was just more and more liquid so in the end I used a strainer.

My family would have liked some whipped cream with the gateau and I agree with them.  My DH did not like it as he does not like spices in his cakes so note to self no ginger.  The oldest complained that the cakes for this blog do not have enough frosting.  Well we are baking french style and there is not much frosting.

I took this cake to work where it was appreciated!


Vanilla-Bean Sablés page 261



This was easy to make and very delicious.  I have said it before I only make cookies for Christmas so having cookies in July is a bit strange for me.  Specially since I make this kind of cookie every Christmas, they are my DH favorite.  Being french and all he loves butter and vanilla.