Blueberry-Buttermilk Bundt Cake, page 254

I made my own butter milk out of lime juice and whole milk. We do not carry this item over here. I used lime zest for this cake and blueberries from Ólafsvík that we picked during our summer holidays. I love this cake it is so moist and delicious.

I made this cake last year to make use of my freshly picked blue berries. I just did not come up with anything to make. I like better to have an assignment.

Martine’s Lemon and Apple Tart, page 116

This was a nice surprise. It was so fresh and not too sweet and to too tangy. I used Honey crisp apples and one jonagold. I did squeeze a lot of juice out of the apples before using. I did put on a tin foil for the brim half way through but the fan kept blowing it over. You can see where the tin foil covered the tart. This was so good.

Cauliflower tabbouleh, page 95

I got this idea from Tricia S. It was easy to make and very good. I did not get any mint this time but will make this again and then with mint. I did chill this for an hour and it was a big success in my house. Dorie has raisins in the recipe but I did not use them. I have made tabbouleh many times and the only thing that is common in these two dishes are mint, parsley and lemons. This is excellent for people on the keto diet, no grains only cauliflower.

Last-Of-The-Bunch Banana Bundt, page251

Well what can I say I do not like bananas. I did not try this one my self, the family said it was like banana bread. I have made banana bread before but never with so much sugar. Then you have the bananas, sweet coconut and chocolate. The butter is 113 gr and 113 gr of coconut oil. You get full on a small slice of cake.

The verdict: I will not be making this one again. Also can I ask you do you use bananas that are still yellow in color or do you wait for them to get brown before you use them in banana breads?

Coco Rochers, page 282

How perfect is this. Why have I not known how easy it is to make. My mom used to buy this frozen when we had a big party. This is so much better.

I made 30 pcs and with in an hour we had like 10 left and it is only 4 of us in the house. So doing this again, plus another recipe that uses only egg whites.

I made Dorie’s cote d’azure cure-all soup from Around my french table to finish up the yolks.

Ginger Fried Rice, page 239

Well this was great all members of the family agreed, make this again. I used long rice and made them for the dish. I did not have any left overs. I cooled them down before using. I did not find any ponzu sauce so I used kikkoman soy sauce and lemon juice. I did find the Gochujang but it was very expensive but I got it any way. Bok choy was nowhere to be found so I used leek. With the rice I made Ponzu chicken on page 112. So doing this again. You can use what you have on hand with no problems.

Nutella-Banana Panna Cotta, page 374

This was great. It came together in like 15 min. I do not like bananas so I did not make the banana nutella I just made Nutella panna cotta version. I do not know what happened but the gelatin got all stuck at the bottom of the pot. Maybe it was too hot. Any way the panna cotta was too runny but tasted so good. So doing this again when I have limited time to make dessert. Every one loved it.