Parisian gnocchi page 131

I have never been able to make gnocchi it always turns in to a slimy blob and so not appetising. I have tried a few times but no not working. I was looking forward to this version no potatoes gnocchi and it worked. This was so good and we have a vegetarian in the family and I know she would love this. I will make this again if somebody else does the washing up.


Mushroom-bacon galette page 51

This was very straight forward. I used white Parisian mushrooms and a bit more bacon than asked for. I was surprised as how much taste came from the walnuts it made the taste so rustic and like I used wild mushrooms. My kids found the taste too strong so I ate the whole thing and loved it.

Tarte Tropézienne page 306

I made this great tart for the 14th of July, Bastille day and had some friends over. I also made the clafotis from Dorie so my friends would taste two of the classics. I did not read the recipe beforehand and I had forgotten how long it takes to make the brioche. I ended up putting the springform pan over hot water in the sink to speed up the process. I made the pastry cream the day before to save some time. I had better success with it than last time when it all melted and ran allover the plate. I brought the pearl sugar with me from France as we do not get it over here. Needless to say this was a great success and we drank with it some Cava. I love this tart. I also celebrated the fact that now I´m Franco-Islandaise!

Double Chocolate Marble Cake, page 34

I did this cake the traditional way and we loved it. I have caked this cake a few times and it is always very good. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate I think it is because we do not get very good quality at the shops here. This one I baked for a fund raising for my son’s school band where he plays the alto sax. They are going to Croatia this summer. There was not one slice left.

Banana-Chocolate Chaussons, page 256

I can’t eat bananas and I don’t like the smell of them, so I did the bonne idée and made mine with apples and Nutella. I could not take another picture as my family just ate them all up. This was a very easy and quick recipe and so doing this again. My DH was very happy to see this and could name it instantly chausson aux pommes. I used two apples but one would have been enough. This is perfect for the 3 o’clock gouter. You can also use pears and chocolate.