Black Olive Tapenade, page 57

This was easy to make and very good.

I used this on my fish and baked it in the oven and also on my Fajitas.

Next time I will not use as much garlic.



Chocolate Creme Caramel, page 362

This was a big hit in our house.  First time making creme caramel and not the last.

I did the Bonne Idée on page 362 and added the chocolate.  I was having people over so I needed 8 desserts.

I was skeptical that this caramel would turn out OK.   It was hard making it even at the bottom of the ramekins.


It turned out just perfect:

Cassoulet page 195

I could not find the ingredients needed for this recipe so I did not make the cassoulet myself.

I did however buy one ready made from the new french shop in town.

I have never tried cassoulet before so I was excited to try it.



I heated the contents in a bain-marie as the sales person suggested.


Does not look were pleasant



Not so much an eye candy.

I thought it tasted good but my DH found it a bit bland.  I will try it again if I see it on a menu in France so I know how a good cassoulet is suppose to taste like.


Potatoes cooked in duck fat page 221


Happy New year Everyone!

I did cheat a little bit.  I did bake them in the oven and used much more of the duck fat than just 2 – 3 tbl spoons.  I was also making steak and wanted to concentrate on that and my Bearnaise from Julia Child’s MAOFC.

These potatoes are so delicious.  I do not know what these potatoes are called we only have yellow or red.  I used the yellow ones.



Counterfeit duck confit page 179

I could not find any such thighs so I cheated big time.

I love confit and when we go to a bistro in town I always order confit.

After the tourist bomb hit Iceland we have now people immigrating to our lovely country.  Like the two french men who just opened a french delicatessen shop here in Reykjavík.  We had about 300.00 tourists a year but now we have over 2 millions, it is just plain crazy and the are coming all year round.  Even now when we have only 4 hours of daylight.


I bought the Maison Dubernet in the new store, Labeyrie was bought elsewhere.

We did not have any potatoes in the house so we bought take a way french fries I know not good.

We have so much left over duck fat that I will not have any problems making potatoes in duck fat page 220.  The ingredients for the cassoulet will be harder to find.

This tasted just perfect.


Baba au rhum page 218


We have bought these cakes in France and brought them home and given to my dad who loves them.  I was looking forward to making them, my DH loves them as well.

They are not difficult to make and taste so good.  I made the whole rum syrup recipe but not them cream.

The kids did not like it (they are both over 21) and my small children (10 and 12) had ice-cream.

The grown ups (over 45) all added some dark rum to the baba and that made all the difference.

I´m so doing this again when I have a new bottle of dark rum.