Croquets, p 310

I loved this. So easy to make and so delicious. My DH recognized it at once as croquets, being french and all. It looks so much like a biscotti.

What a great way to use up some egg whites after using all the egg yolks for the Caramelized-Coffee Bean Pots de Crème. I now have a few recipes that only use egg whites. Financier, visitandine and meringue come to mind.

This was so good with a strong cup of coffee.

Lighting-fast tahini Pork, page 168

Here you can see the ingredients for the tahini pork. I had it all in my cupboard and only needed to go out to get the pork. We do love the north African cuisine and make couscous often and Ottolenghi recipes from Jerusalem. That is my favorite Ottolenghi cook book.

I followed the recipe word for word but at the end I served the sauce on the side. We had rice and spinach with this and it was very good and true to its name lightning fast. I need more practices with pork loin I find than I always over cook it. This was a success specially the sauce.

Petite Apple Croustades, page 253

This was so good. I did not measure the filo dough I just eye balled it. It broke so easily but it did not matter. I made 9 little croustades and put some yellow beans in the empty muffin molds. I did put some extra butter before baking because I though the filo looked a bit dry. I served it with some Chantilly. My family loved it. This was easy to make and very forgiving.

Chicken and salad milanese style, page 109

First photo is of the meat hammer my son made at wood shop for his mom as a Christmas gift. I cut the chicken breasts in tow and than I placed the it between two sheets of baking paper and bashed at will.

Second photo not a very good one but a very delicious chicken. This is a nice weekday recipe and we all liked it.

Cream Cheese and Toast Tartlets, page 176

I did not make tartalets but one solid tart. I did not make any changes to the recipes and it worked out perfect. I love the bread crumbs they look like roasted nuts and nobody could guess what it was. This was an easy to make tart that I would like to do again. I love the sweat tart dough, I use the whole egg not just the egg yolk otherwise it is too dry and it is less of a waist.

Chewy chocolate chip cookies, page 246

These were so good. I love how you can bake up a batch and leave half the dough in the fridge to bake another batch a few days later so you always have fresh cookies. I have made cookies before with oats but then I would tear them up in the mixer until they turned to powder. I see now that it was totally unnecessary. A big success all around.

Fall-Market Galette, page 129

So I could not find any figs and no Italian plums. I did find some very nice dark grapes and plums. The plums were a bit too sour. This was an easy bake and a galette is always a success. I served the galette with chantilly, always good. You can use what ever fruit is in season so this is very versatile.