Madeleines page 274

This was just perfect.   The madeleins had to rest 2* 1 hour and then bake for 9 min.  It was not much trouble as the dough just sat on the counter in the bowl of my standard mixer.  Not having to make any extra space in the fridge or the freezer.

I gave some to my mum and she loved it with a glass of milk, so much so that she asked me to make her some when her friends were coming over.  So I did the madeleins twice in one week.  As I have said before my DH loves vanilla and butter cakes so these did not last long at the house.  I made 18 madeline and I will make them again.

I buttered the pans and I did not have any problems getting the cakes out.  It also helps that the pans are silicon.  The baking sheet was hot from the oven which explains why the cakes are darker at the bottom.


Almond cakes with browned butter, page 268

This was very good and did not last very long.


I thought I had burned the butter, it turned out very dark but it was all good.  This is a very good recipes to know when you have too many egg whites.   I made 24 mini cakes.

Garlic mayonnaise with accompaniments page 145 (or just accompaniments)

I was all for the garlic mayonnaise and asked my family for dinner.  I made cod with garlic butter, chili and parsley.  I also boiled some potatoes and leek accompanied with carrots, cauliflower and celery.  I did hard boiled eggs with anchovies.

Then I made the mayo or tried to.  I did not have the patience to drip the oil to the egg yolks and the oil would be all runny and splash all over the place when I added more oil.

It was all over the cupboards and all over me.  What a mess.  It would not thicken.  Needless to say it never made it to the table and I went to plan B, store bought aioli.   I have made mayo before but not in a blender.  So now I have to practice and do it by hand.

Here is a photo of the cod and some of the accompaniments: