Comté and ham wafers, page 45

Loved it!

I used the Icelandic version of cheddar cheese.  We do not get many imported cheeses and the one we do get are very expensive.  So no comté and no original cheddar cheese.  I used some thyme from my mother in law.  The dough rested in the fridge for about an hour and was easy to work with.  I love slice and bake, you can make the dough in advance and bake when you are ready and it only takes a few minutes.  I did not use the ham, we do not get very good ham up here.  David talks about cutting the cheese with a chef knife.  I used my box grater and than started cutting the cheese with the knife but lost my patience and dumped all the cheese in. Baked the wafers for 15-20 min and they were delicious when cold. Loved it whit a cold beer.


My Newest Gougères

I just go this beautiful book and I just want to make every recipe.

I used a rather mild cheese so next time I would use Parmesan.  The pecans added a very nice touch.  Loved it.

Gâteau Basque Fantasie, page 110


First time I make Gateau Basque and first time I make a pie with a cover.

I used apples, pears, pecans, oranges and dried cranberries for the filling and I also used the ginger.

The filling was on the stove for close to 20 min and the liquid did not evaporate, there was just more and more liquid so in the end I used a strainer.

My family would have liked some whipped cream with the gateau and I agree with them.  My DH did not like it as he does not like spices in his cakes so note to self no ginger.  The oldest complained that the cakes for this blog do not have enough frosting.  Well we are baking french style and there is not much frosting.

I took this cake to work where it was appreciated!


Bay leaf pound cake, page 296

We met up with my mother-in-law in Paris last month and had a great time.  All we did was eat at great restaurants and people watch.  We came home relaxed and stuffed.  In the past we have always stayed at the 6em but now we stayed at the 2em.  We love to people watch at Rue Montorgueil.

She gave us bay leaves from her garden and wild thyme.   The bay leaves came to good use when baking this cake.

It was a straight forward easy bake.  We could not so much taste the bay leaves but it had a very subtle taste of orange.