Classic Fruit Tart, page 151

I love this tart and I have made it many times, with strawberries or raspberries.  I have even made it with blueberries.  It is always a great success with my family and friends.

When I first started making the vanilla cream I was so stressed.  I was sure I would burn the whole thing, I only let it make a few bubbles.  The tart would be runny when served.  With time I got more confident  and would let the cream boil for a few minutes and it would keep the shape when served.

I will continue making this tart for the family’s celebrations.



This one was made for my son’s birthday party.



Vanilla-Bean Sablés page 261



This was easy to make and very delicious.  I have said it before I only make cookies for Christmas so having cookies in July is a bit strange for me.  Specially since I make this kind of cookie every Christmas, they are my DH favorite.  Being french and all he loves butter and vanilla.


Lamb Tagine, page 199 and Lemon-Pistachio Israeli Couscous


How perfect was this?

After my son’s first bite he asked if we could have this again.

I cooked the lamb for 3 hours and it was just perfect.  I totally forgot to use the honey, I also forgot the salt for the fougasse before baking.

I loved the couscous it is the first time I cook Israeli couscous.  It is also very nice cold the day after as a salad.

We are so having this again and then I will remember the honey.

Apple Weekend Cake, page 14


This was an easy bake.

I used one sweet apple and one green a bit sour one.  I sprinkled some granulated sugar on top, like I do for Dorie’s  quatre  quarts from AMFT.   I will make this one again, it is more kids friendly than Marie Helen’s apple cake from AMFT.  It has 3 tbls of dark rum and my son’s are not too happy with it.  The grown ups love it.  This cake is perfect to finish off some apples in the fridge.  It was even better the day after it was baked.

Chocolate and dried cherry fougasse (266)

What a beauty.

I loved this one.  My DH was rather surprised when he got home and there were no olives in my version of fougasse.

I did not have any cherries so I used dried cranberries.  I did cut the chocolate into large chunks I don’t like cutting chocolate.  I was worried that my dried yeast was old and would not work but it was OK.  I did not have any orange on hand so I used one teaspoon of orange blossom water.  Orange blossom water is very common in the south of France.  Like in Navette .

The first fougasse was over the same day as I made it.

Cheesecake, Alsace style page 31

This was a very light cheesecake.

We had it for desert and loved it.  My DH would have liked some whipped cream to go with it so maybe I will do that for the leftovers.  (It was all gone before we could try it with the whipped cream)

We went to France  in the beginning of February and I did stop at Carrefour for some raisins and vanilla beans.  I was very careful not to buy any soap as I have to finish my stash at home.  I was given one bar that I took home with me.  I bought dark rum at the duty free as I was all out.  You cannot be in a french baking club and be out of dark rum and vanilla.  I also bought one kg of buckwheat flour as it is very hard to come by.

I had a little problem with the shell but it turned out OK.

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