Celery root salad page 105

This was not the best looking vegetable I ever bought but one of the more delicious ones.

I have never eaten a celery root raw but what a nice surprise.  I thought I had a box of sour cream in the fridge but was mistaken so I skipped that part and my celery root was over 2 kg but it was the smallest I could find.  I loved the dressing, we like mustard and mayo at my house so it was a given.  I had the salad with fish and there was hardly any left.

I also did Potato, basil and feta tortilla.  My mother in law gave me some Piment d’espelette that she brought back from Basque country and I use when I need that spark in my cooking.  I cannot say that my tortilla was a hit.  My son said:  Mom I think you just need more practice.  His nice way to say I don’t like it.


Brown sugar tart page 174


This one was a success.  My mom loved this one as she is not too keen on nuts.  It was like a pecan pie without the pecans.  I served it with whipped cream as a dessert.

I used dark brown sugar and espresso powder and no bacon.  I did not find the tart too sweet.  I used a bit more espresso than asked for.

Too me it the crust was to dark but my DH loved it.  I wished we could buy the crust ready made then making tarts would not take up so much time.  Well it would never be as good as home made.

Dessert Roses page 391

Today is my 3 years blogging anniversary.

I´m celebrating with roses :o)


This was quick and easy to make and very delicious.  I had a PTA meeting and took the roses with me and they did not rest on the table for long.  It was the first thing to go.

I thought I bought the original Kellogg’s but was surprised when I came home as how crunchy they were.  Turns out it was Special K.  oh well.


I used the sweetened shredded coconut and dried cranberries.  Every one loved it.


This only took 15min to make and then rest for 30 min.


Baked provençal vegetables, page 226

I used the mandolin for everything but the tomatoes.  The tomatoes here are so small that they are no match for the eggplants.

I had this for dinner and after an hour in the oven it was not ready but I could not wait another 30 min. for it to be ready.  Next time I would bake it longer and brush the eggplant with olive oil before putting it in the oven.  I found them to be too dry.


Double-Corn Tea Cake, page 40

This was a nice surprise.  No fuss and an easy bake.  It tasted delicious with my coffee and nicely moist.

My sons cannot eat corn any more after the chef at the school canteen puts it in everything.  Salad, soups and meat.  So when I put it in the cake they just did not want to have as much as one bite.

Eggplant caviar page 66

I had to talk myself into making burned eggplants I thought it would be messy and a bit dangerous but hell no.  This was a peace of cake.

It did not take long and it was delicious.

I´m back from vacation and I did not do any of the recipes for July.  I did not find andy chick pea flour, nether at home nor in France.  My mother in law makes a killer soup au pistou and she makes it always with sausage and haricot blanc, vert and rouge along with herb de provence.


France 2017

I´m a soccer for soap

Here are a few things I brought back from my vacation.  Lavender, bay leaves and fennel from my mother-in-law’s garden.  I also brought back some great thymine that grows wild close to her home.   I love sardines as I have said before and brought 1,5 kg back with me.  My DH claims that I brought back 20 kg of soap and sardines but that is not true..  We (not just me) also bought 800 gr of anchovies.  Yes we bought a new suitcase.

I also bought some spices from the market.