French Riviera Lemmon Tart, page 281

This is so genius I made a tart in less then an hour. I French baked this one by mistake but my family preferred it to my usual baking time. I鈥檓 so using this method again for the crust. Loved it 馃グ


Chicken Chili Tamale Pie, page 125

I was not able to find all the ingredients for this recipe. Missing was the can of diced tomatoes with chile, I used tomatoes with garlic, also canned chipotle in adobe sauce. I did use canned jalape帽o instead. I used just a few jalape帽os not the whole jar. Also I used maple syrup instead of honey.

I have never made this kind of food before and it was very good and also did not take too long to prepare. We all loved it. So doing this one again.

Moroccan spiced chickpea and noodle soup, page 66.

This was a lovely soup.

I didn鈥檛 find any angel pasta and I had some grounded lamb on hand so I used that.

I made the meatballs an Ottolenghi kofta from his book Jerusalem. I was also serving pitas, salad and some tahini sauce as a back up plan. In case my guys would not want soup. It was totally unnecessary, they all loved the soup and had more than one serving. I see that I forgot the lemons oh well next time.

Meatballs and Spaghetti, page 157

I have not posted since last summer. This is my post number 200!

I want to get back in the game and I have been making some of Dories recipe but not posted. I will post them one of these days.

So to get my mojo going I made the spaghetti meatballs. This is a new one for me to have meatballs with oats and walnuts. It was a nice change. We do not have hot Italian sausage over here so I used minced pork and chili. I have no idea how it is suppose to taste like. I did not bother frying the meatballs I baked them in the oven, less clean up and a time saver.

I was nicely surprised as how quickly this all came together.