Salted olive crisps page 42

img_3991We do not have any buttermilk in our stores so I made my own by adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to the whole milk and let it sit for a few minutes.  I have never tasted buttermilk but I´m told this is pretty close.  Other suggestions are plain yogurt but may be it is too firm?  Or mixing yogurt and whole milk?


Ready for the oven.


This bread knife was our wedding present from people at my work.  I gave them a few coins so not to cut the friendship.

This was bit hard to cut as it was still too warm.


I baked it again for close to 30 min and it turned out just perfect.  My DH really liked it.

I made these the first day of summer (20.04.17) here in Iceland and it snowed on us.  So the calendar and the weather are not in agreement.  What better way to have some Provencal crisps and pastis and looking at the snow coming down.  My mother in law who lives in Provence is all tanned by now!

1 thought on “Salted olive crisps page 42

  1. Emily

    MJ, thanks for sharing the story of ‘return some coins for the knife present’ interesting. Your crisps look great!



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